Anonymous asked: how tall are you?

6ft 2

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✝ (at Prior Park College)

✝ (at Prior Park College)

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Anonymous asked: how about a shirtless selfie because you are really sexy?


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piccadilly by row-k

piccadilly by row-k

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Anonymous asked: What year were you born? Also do you speak any languages other than English?

i was born in 1994, on the 25th of August! and nope, i did French for like 10 years but didn’t learn a thing.

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tame impala - runaway, houses, city, clouds

the part after 4:20 is so so good. especially the guitar that comes in after a minute or so

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cornerstoregoth asked: what was your first camera and how long did you have it?

umm a really shitty point and shoot pentax, had it for a year or two! then moved onto my mums camcorder / a flip / flip hd / canon 550d / canon 60d / canon c100

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Anonymous asked: What is your middle name - do you like it?

my full name is alexander george edward odam, but i never use it

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Anonymous asked: are you dating someone ?

nope! i’ve pretty much been single for two years now - i literally just haven’t met anyone i guess

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